Art and Science of Sharpening for higher performance

Knives are used more than any tool or piece of equipment in the kitchen. They must work properly!

Whether your knife is forged, stamped, serrated, Japanese single bevel, carbon steel, laminated, Damascus, or the only knife of its kind in the world... we will repair and sharpen it for you.

I don't claim to be the best, but my customers think I am.



What We Do

Re-serrate Bread Knives
Re-serrate Steak Knives
Repair Bolsters
Repair and Sharpen Ceramic Knives
Polish the Cutting Edge
Correct the Bow on Cooks Knives

We repair, restore, re-serrate, and re-shape any style or brand or knife

There are a number of different issues that can arise over the lifetime of a knife. If the condition of your knife resembles any of the above, it needs some attention.

Correct Poor Sharpening

Before & After - Poor Sharepening of the Knife

Before After

Repair Edge Damage

Before & After - Repairing Damaged Knife Edge

Before After

Repair Incorrect Bevel On Japanese Knife

Before & After - Fixing Knife with Incorrect Bevel

Before After

Restore Broken Tip

Before & After - Fixing Knife with Broken Tip

Before After

Restore Worn-out Serrations

Before & After - Reviving Work Out Serrations

Before After

Re-Serrate Steak Knife

Before & After - Re-serrated Seak Knife

Before After

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