Art and Science of Sharpening for higher performance

If your blades are more than two seasons old, they are probably duller than you would think. Get them re-sharpened.



What We Do

We sharpen Ice Auger Blades!
Jiffy, Mora, StrikeMaster, FinBore, and Eskimo.

Mail order blades will be done and on their way back to you within 3 working days. Drop-off blades will be done and ready for pick-up same day or next day.

What you need to know.

These are ice blades for cutting ice. We’re not cutting meat or fabric, or foam, or celery. We’re cutting ice. Only one side of the ice auger blade gets ground to produce a sharp edge. When you only sharpen the top of the blade, you WILL leave a burr on the bottom edge. THE BURR IS YOUR FRIEND! In fact, it probably helps the blade cut faster and it definite wears off quickly.

Don’t get all obsessive about applying what you know about regular blades to ice auger blades. Some are compelled by unseen forces to grind off the burr from the bottom of the blade. You can’t do this. If you touch the bottom side of the blade edge, that is the part that touches the ice, you will mess it up, period.

So, with ice auger blades, if you detect a burr on the edge after they’ve been sharpened, don’t worry about it. Do not touch the bottom of the blade edge with anything. You’ll be much happier.

And there a few things you should consider before you ship your ice-auger blades to us.

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