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Welcome to my "How-to" section on Ice Skate Contouring. This section of my website has been a long time in arriving, but here it is. Contouring, Profiling, and Radiussing, are all terms used to define the same process, and that is basically shaping ice skate blades. Of the proven contouring systems available, I use Custom Radius II, and it is this system that I discuss in this section.

Please return as often as you like, and if you need answers in a hurry, I'll cheerfully answer your questions as best I can by email.

There are other Ice Skate Contouring systems available, but these pages deal only with Custom Radius II and to a lesser extent Custom Radius I. I have no affiliation with Blademaster, nor is the content of these pages endorsed by Blademaster. In fact I have taken some liberty by displaying their logo and by borrowing heavily from their user notes on the Custom Radius systems. However since Blademaster has known for many months that I display their logo, and since I'm offering these pages as a non-profit community service, there seems to be a tacit acceptance of what I'm doing. Thank you Blademaster for your understanding.

My first contouring system was Canadian Skate Contours (CSC) which evolved into Custom Radius II. I consider myself fortunate to have available a copy of the early CSC documentation which includes tidbits of information and references to Custom Radius I, which later documentation does not have.

Thanks to "Bill" for providing a veritable encyclopedia of documentation on the Custom Radius II system.

I draw from the CSC and Custom Radius user documentation wherever I can, and the rest of the information comes from my experiences using the CSC and Custom Radius II systems.

Since I first published my webpage on "Contouring", I received so many requests for contouring information from skaters and skate sharpeners alike, that I was inspired to investigate sources of information on Ice Skate Contouring. I was surprised to find a dearth of information on Ice Skate Contouring, and as a result of encouragement from my peers and family I decided to publish the information I had as part of my website.

I make no claim that I have all of the answers, but I am certain that the answers to nearly all of your questions lie within these pages. Opinions and suggestions expressed here are my own, and are made purely as a result of my own experiences with CSC and Custom Radius II.

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